Good Byes

I was going to stay until the beginning of September but my friend at my international house was moving out in mid July.

So we decided to have a little goodbye party for us at my room.
We all brought food that we had left over in the fridge.

Our theme for the party was school girl.
So we all decided to wear our halloween costume.

The party was fun and no tears.

There were tears when saying goodbye individually though.

My friend S singing goodbye song for us.


Another goodbye dinner!

Vegetarian restaurant! Tastes great!

Helping or watching J pack. Poor duck lol

I will meet you guys sometime again in the future :)
On the other hand my japanese friends came from Toronto and I saw them at Shibuya.

Happy to see them in Japan after a year :D


Last Zemi Class

This was my actual last class in the zemi.
Very sad but I enjoyed the group discussion and the mood of the class.

We then had "Hansei Kai" which is not usual in western countries but is a discussion you have to say what you did bad this year and what should be fixed for next year.

We then head out to our last drinking part in Ebisu Beer Station.

We had all you can drink beer.
And it was expensive beer :)

The night didn't end there and we went for more drinks and karaoke :D


My brother in Japan

My brother and his friend came to Japan and they came by my house for a little visit!

We decided to go to shibuya together to do a little shopping 
and let them experience the life of a tokyo kid.

We went to a t-shirt making store.

And this is what they made. Oppai means boobs in Japan lol.

Next is Harajuku.

We then had our first purikura.

I had some potelico at the calbee shop.

We then went to karaoke.

And at the very end we had hamburger!
I hope they had fun in Tokyo :)